Monday, August 12, 2013

The adventure begins in Jamnagar!

It's been only 2 days but it feels like weeks since we arrived in Jamnagar. So many things already happened, so many people I met, so many stories and adventures...

I'll start with the flight... Imagine that I was seated in the emergency exit and when I looked at the other side, the window had a tape! I don't even need to describe how the rest of the flight was... People who know me will understand what I've been through! 

The arrival at the airport was another interesting experience... Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures since it was a military area.

In the afternoon we had to take care of some logistic issues as buying phone cards, exchange money and getting a liquor permission (very important in a dry state!)

Later that night we did a neighborhood tour and the highlight of the day was being approached by a group of children interested in knowing where we came from, what we were doing here, if we liked their city and that they were grateful for us being here.

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