Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shopping Time!

Shopping in India is very funny and extremely cheap! Not only the prices are awesome but the way Indians do business is quite interesting and, at least for me, impossible to leave empty-handed! They literally show all the products they have and how many times you ask.

First we went to the old market where we can find bracelets for 10 rupees and also some nice jewelry! Not to mention the wonderful bandhanis!
We would not be able to find all this amazing things without the help from Guirish, the host of the hotel and our new brother (will explain this later!)

After buying tablecloths, scarves and a nice silver box, I realized that I had spent only 1,890 rupees (less than 30 dollars!)

The other day, Diti (our client from Essar) took us for some clothes shopping. Again we were surrounded by lots of beautiful stuff like dress materials, bandhani and saares (in love with a pink one but still thinking if I will ever use it!)