Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Busy Day

In the morning we had a meeting with the leader of Essar Foundation to go through the scope of work, set some expectations and define short and long term goals.

After lunch we visited the first government school. There are 16 in total and we will go to all of them in the next days.

It was very concerning that only one teacher could speak English and was able to communicate with us. But in the other hand, I was impressed by their passion and the respect they have for the teachers. One of them actually told us that teachers are considered a noble class in India (and they should be indeed) and are even more important than engineers or other professionals for instance.

We also had some interaction with the children. Although they were a bit shy, some of them asked questions, sang a song in Gujarati and did a welcome dance for us! After that, two very lovely girls taught Katrin and I how to dance!

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