Sunday, August 25, 2013

Schools’ visit completed

At the end of this week we finished visiting schools. The five of us, together with Essar team covered 17 government schools around Jamnagar. During the visits we had interviews with Principals, Teachers and Students to find the gaps in English teaching between all of them.

Although we could find similarities, some schools were very different in terms of infrastructure, teachers’ level of English, enthusiasm and motivation and also commitment of the Principal and community.

On the other hand, was quite impressive to see how the students were motivated and wanted to interact with us. So, we played games with them, asked the name of objects and sentences in English. They were able to answer almost everything but we could notice that they learn based on memorization and don’t actually know the meaning of the words.   

Anyway, it was a good closing for our second week here but still have a lot of work ahead.


On the last day of visits, we stopped by the Essar School just to have an idea of how a private school works in Jamnagar.

Like the children from government schools, the ones from Essar School have a great potential, however the opportunities are incredibly higher. They have pretty much everything a school can offer, English lessons, music lessons, computer lab, library, school band and other activities.



  1. Paulinha, agree that CSC is a life changing experience??? Awesome all the pics and posts... and based on your shopping comments, I can now understand why my Indian friend loved to shop everywhere. Keep posting, will be looking forward to hear more and more about your time in India!
    Have fun!

  2. realmente uma experiência muito legal, aproveita querida, bjo