Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Meeting with the Clients

Yesterday we had the first meeting with the clients. There are 11 of us in total, split into three groups. The first one is represented by Emily (USA), Keith (Canada) and Peter (Germany) and they will be working for the Chaitanya Charitable Trust. The other group represented by Anton (Slovakia), Claudia (Mexico) and Malcolm (Australia) will be working for SAVA... Last but not least, I will be working with Elyse (USA), Gica (Czech Republic), Katrin (Germany) and Nina (UK) for the Essar Foundation. We have two projects... Improve the quality of English language teaching in Government schools and help them to implement their own CSC Program!

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  1. Nossa Paulinha, amei os projetos. Esse de implementar o proprio CSC é muito legal!!!