Saturday, September 7, 2013

Time to say goodbye...

The last few days have been very emotional. On Thursday we went to the refinery for the last time and then to paint murals at Timdi school! We had lunch at the Oil Club to celebrate Diti’s birthday and we also got presents! Essar team gave us these really nice scarves and it was difficult to choose the most beautiful!

To our surprise, when we said goodbye to them, they said they would be at the Aram hotel the next day to spend more time with us (aren’t they lovely?)

Friday morning we left the hotel and it was very hard to say goodbye to Diti, Deependra and Awadhesh. It’s amazing how we got so close working together for a month. I’m so grateful that we met and I will never forget those 3!

Later on at the Mumbai airport, more people left and some of us went back to the hotel where we stayed on the first day.

When we arrived at the hotel, my boyfriend was waiting for me in the lobby. I couldn’t be happier to meet him after a month apart!

In the evening we had our last dinner together at the Green house, the same restaurant we were on the first day! Then it was time to say goodbye to Elyse, Emily, Anton and Gica.

Today at breakfast we met Nina and Keith for the last time and Katrin and I went to the airport to take our flight to Udaipur!

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