Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last week in Jamnagar and Project Status

We are almost at the end of our journey. Project is completed and the final presentation is tomorrow.

We visited 17 schools where we did interviews with principals, teachers and students. Even though we were able to interact with most of them, the level of English was very poor.

We had also meetings with the district representative and students’ parents, which helped a lot to understand the dimension of the problem in education.

In the meeting with the district representative, it became clear that we wouldn’t get any support. Apparently, only the government has the ability to make any improvements (hard to believe…)

Meeting the parents was also not the highlight of our project. They understand the importance of learning but cannot afford to send their children to secondary schools (marriage also seems to be the priority).

After all research done, we divided the schools into 3 clusters: schools that stand out, schools interested in improving English language and schools not interested/ready to start the program.

We came up with almost 40 recommendations and selected two pilot schools where the project will be implemented first. Each have a specific program which includes recommendations for improving the English level of students and teachers, new methods and tools for learning English and earlier exposure to English within schools.

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